Every physical venue needs a robust, reliable network on which to run its digital devices and those of its consumers

The connected customer experience is reflected at numerous points throughout the purchasing and ordering journey, bringing multiple network challenges for companies. Whether it’s staff utilising tablets to deliver product information, or the need to offer customer Wi-Fi, networks must support a growing number of devices and platforms in organisations’ physical environments.

At Axonex, we provide a communications infrastructure that delivers powerful connection speeds – securely and consistently.

How it works

Our International’s data network solutions benefit from the company’s long-term partnerships with major UK and international carriers. Every circuit request is analysed to provide the most cost-effective option, and built to offer resilience, speed and high bandwidth at all levels.


We provide high performance MPLS (WAN) networks, built across multiple data centres that use enterprise hardware and an array of tier one carriers to provide the service merchants need. Our emerging SD WAN technology – which compliments MPLS - is ideal for deploying connectivity to multiple international locations linking back to the UK without giving up central management.

Going international?

Many UK organisations are looking to international territories for their next stage of growth – and the same level of infrastructure investment is required abroad as it is at home. To support business expansion abroad, Axonex provide a variety of options for connectivity in multiple markets – through leveraging its close partnerships with international carriers and network operators.

Cutting edge connectivity solutions:

  • MPLS
  • SD WAN
  • VPN
  • Internet
  • WAN Optimisation
  • LLU
  • Super-fast delivered connectivity
  • Ethernet Fibre
  • P2P lease lines
  • EFM
  • FTTC
  • Bonded DSL
  • FTTP
  • ADSL

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