Cisco Unified Computing System

Built from the ground up to unify compute, networking, storage access and virtualisation in a single system

Revolutionising Data Centre Economics

Cisco’s Unified Computing System (UCS) is a market-leading architecture that revolutionises the economics of the Data Centre by unifying compute, storage access, networking, virtualisation and management capabilities into a single platform.

Axonex’s UCS solutions are built from the ground up, integrating a low-latency, loss-less 10 Gigabit Ethernet unified fabric with enterprise-class x86 architecture servers. They provide a unique approach to management and feature a single pane of glass interface that enables rapid provisioning from infrastructure, shared pools of computing, storage access and network resources.

UCS facilitates the scaling of IT infrastructure through a unified, global, model-based management solution with server profiles. Cisco UCS Director also provides a rich feature set for the automation and orchestration of the compute, network, storage, firewall and virtualisation layers. 

End-to-End Optimisation

UCS helps radically decrease the cost of ownership and reduce infrastructure maintenance and management overheads. It increases IT business value by streamlining data centre resources, scaling service delivery, and dramatically reducing the number of devices requiring purchase, set-up, management, power, cooling, and cabling. 

Axonex Unified Computing System Expertise

Axonex is a Cisco Advanced Data Centre Architecture partner, which means that our experienced Data Centre network specialists that can expertly design, implement, integrate and support fully converged Cisco Data Centre infrastructures on behalf of our clients.
Sector-leading UCS products that we often recommend to our clients include:

Cisco UCS  B-Series
Cisco UCS C-Series
Cisco UCS Director

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