Hyper-Converged Solutions

Delivering High Performance and Simplified Management

Adapt to the changing environment

Digitisation and the explosion of mobile devices are placing new demands on the data centre. Organisations must adapt quickly to change, with the ability to add applications and virtual machines.

High speed change is difficult to achieve within infrastructure’s that have silos of compute, network, and storage gear, requiring individual management - adding cost, time, and complexity. How do you meet these demands, simplify management, and increase the performance? 

The Rise of Hyperconvergence

A recent study revealed that 85% of respondents currently use or plan to use HCI solutions in the coming months*. Why? Hyper Convergence brings together, compute, network, storage, and virtualisation built into a single piece of hardware – offering improved scalability, with consolidated and simplified management.

Axonex in partnership with Cisco Hyperflex

The Cisco HyperFlex™ platform includes an integrated network fabric, powerful data optimisation, and unifed management that bring the full potential of hyperconvergence for a wider range of workloads and use cases. The HyperFlex solution is faster to deploy, simpler to manage, and easier to scale than the current generation of systems.

Implementing Hyper-Converged solutions with Axonex

Axonex is a Cisco Advanced Data Centre Architecture partner, which means that our experienced Data Centre network specialists that can expertly design, implement, integrate and support fully converged Cisco Data Centre infrastructures on behalf of our clients. The benefits include:

  • Independent scaling – Add storage nodes or compute heavy nodes to scale requirements, giving complete flexibility to scale your environment to your business needs.
  • UCS Architecture – Engineered on proven best in class architecture that supports standard servers and converged infrastructure on the same cluster
  • Networking – Built into the solution with the Cisco Fabric Interconnects
  • All flash nodes for even higher performance and lower latency
  • Pay as you grow economics of the cloud - don't pay for what you don't need
  • Acceleration with support for 40-Gbps networking
  • Fast, easy deployment

*March 2017, 'ESG Lab Validataion Cisco Hyperflex,' The Enterprise Strategy Group

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