Nimble Storage On-Demand

Cloud based consumption model with on-premise hardware and performance.

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Pay for what you use

At Axonex we are a big fan of Storage on Demand: Nimble Storage’s pay-per-use subscription service for on-premise storage, eliminates the guesswork and waste that often results from owned or leased storage solutions. Nimble offers a straightforward approach to pricing with four levels of service from high-performance Platinum to capacity-optimized Bronze.

Powered by InfoSight™ analytics and reporting, Storage on Demand billing accurately reflects usage. You pay only for the storage you use — even if your usage drops. Storage on Demand delivers unparalleled flexibility and cloud-like agility: You’re no longer locked into a long-term lease, or bear the burden of fixed assets. Subscription plans are based on performance levels, rather than rigid configurations your organization may outgrow. And Storage on Demand lets you determine where the storage resides — in your datacenter, private cloud, colocation facility, or connected to the service provider of your choice.

Features and Benefits

  • Pay for what you use. Don’t pay for what you don’t use. Bills accurately reflect usage — even when it shrinks — eliminating wasted resources and saving money.
  • Never run out. A 10 percent capacity buffer is built into — and automatically maintained — for every configuration, even as your usage grows. Nimble automatically ships additional capacity before it is needed; you don’t pay for it until it’s used.
  • No excessive lock-ins. After a one-year commitment, you can select a flexible month-to-month subscription.


Nimble Storage on Demand price comparison
  • Buy/lease: Fixed payments lead to waste
  • Other storage on demand services: Tiered leases with stepped payments; costs don't decrease even when usage drops.
  • Nimble Storage on Demand: Payments match usage with no waste.

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