Agile security solutions designed to complement the ways in which information is shared inside and outside the organisation

It’s All About Agility

Axonex’s industry-leading security solutions are all focused around agility.
Our core approach is based around an expert assessment and understanding of our clients’ current and emerging security challenges. Axonex’s highly certified and specialised security team then design and introduce agile solutions that fit around how information is shared inside and outside of our clients’ organisations.

Security That Does The Business

Axonex’s security solutions are able to self-learn, which means that they can automatically adapt to provide our clients with the full protection they need. These seamless auto-identification capabilities also enable total visibility, policy access and authorisation control throughout the network.

The next-generation security technologies we deploy are designed to meet our clients’ complete compliance requirements, as well as to robustly withstand the challenges of the rapidly changing threat landscape.

As is the case with all Axonex solutions, our security deployments also offer our clients full and flexible scalability in order to meet the demands of their morphing business and operational needs.

Protecting Assets, Empowering Employees

By implementing Axonex’s security solutions, our clients are able to:

  • Protect high-value data and Data Centre resources with threat defence, secure virtualisation, segmentation and policy control
  • Enhance network visibility and control with identity-aware secure access solutions
  • Protect themselves from evolving email and Web threats
  • Gain visibility into Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) and other targeted attacks within networks
  • Protect their networks by blending stateful inspection and next-generation firewall capabilities with integrated network security services, providing edge and branch security without compromise

Best-of-Breed Products

The leading-edge, Gartner Magic Quadrant-recognised products that our specialist team recommend are designed to fully integrate, sitting in harmony with network infrastructures and providing complete peace of mind.

Industry-leading products that Axonex often recommend its clients deploy in order to complement and enhance their IT Security imperatives delivered though technologies such as

  • Next generation Firewalling with complete Application Visibility Control
  • Adaptive Heuristic Intrusion Prevention Solutions
  • Email and Web Security, flexibly delivered through the Cloud, Virtually or Appliance
  • Identity Services through central policy management across your company’s Wired, Wireless and Remote Access infrastructures.
  • High performing, power saving flexible Data Centre Security Solutions
  • 100% Cloud Managed End-point Security Deployments
  • Mobile Device Management delivering invisible security to provide an unrivalled user experience
  • Secure Mobility Solutions for remote users with single swipe two-factor tokenless authentication

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