Providing the industry’s most rigorous access control technologies, Cisco ISE, in an automated solution

Leveraging Cisco ISE

Axonex partner with Cisco, whose Identity Services Engine (ISE) is a sector-leading security policy management and control platform.

ISE provides a single policy control point for the entire enterprise, enabling company-wide access to applications and data services, regardless of what users connect with and the ways in which they choose to access.

It’s primarily used to provide secure access, enable flexible guest access, support BYOD initiatives – such as on-boarding, sponsors administration and automatic defined levels of access – and to enforce usage policies implemented in conjunction with Cisco TrustSec.

Smart Contextual Profiling

We favour ISE, as it simplifies access control and security compliance for wired, wireless and VPN connectivity, essentially bringing together the industry’s most rigorous access control technologies in one automated secure access management solution.

Cisco ISE leverages contextual identity to ensure a device is compliant, using automatic profiling and then posture assessments of relevant devices to answer the all-important ‘what, who, where and when’ questions, then applies the relevant policies to control what can be accessed.

It gets users online in minutes, not hours, therefore significantly reducing the burden on IT staff and support desks.

Cisco ISE also provides complete awareness through extensive reporting, both historical and real-time, to give total visibility of who is accessing the company network at any given time – if a device is trying to gain access, ISE will know about it.

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