Security Advisory Services

Controlling the way information is shared both inside and outside the organisation

Security. A boardroom issue

Cybersecurity risks are evolving faster than ever. Organisations face increasing pressure to integrate the correct processes, policies, and technologies to prevent network and data breaches. Axonex work with clients not only to meet compliance and reduce risk, but to drive additional revenue and growth through secure policies.

Axonex Security Advisory Services.

Axonex specialise in building, managing, and protecting the networks that connect systems and the people that use them.

Our security experts have a unique blend of government, MoD, enterprise security, and technology security backgrounds. We work directly with the Collective Security Intelligence and leading security vendors to identify known and unknown threats, quantify and prioritise risk, and reduce future concerns.

Our services engage multiple layers of defense to provide a comprehensive approach that helps clients better prepare, manage, respond to, and recover from incidents—developing a strategy that transitions from your current state to your target state of cybersecurity maturity.

A holistic security strategy

  • Strategy
  • Risk and complicance
  • Secure by design
  • Vulnerability detection
  • Vulnerability management
  • Threat management

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