Data Centre Security

Business-critical Data Centre security solutions made simple

Demystifying Data Centre Security

Axonex appreciate that IT departments are consolidating and rebuilding Data Centres or moving infrastructure into the Cloud, all in an effort to get the scale and agility they need to operate their businesses and manage cost.

Consequently, many are looking to deploy new security solutions in Data Centres and have to take into consideration a wide array of security technologies and architectures.

At Axonex, we demystify the complexities associated with Data Centre security, helping clients to implement next-generation Data Centres aimed at accelerating the provision of secure applications and services – from weeks to literally hours.

The Axonex ‘Value Add’

One of the key benefits of working with Axonex, is that not only are we able to design and deploy tailored best-of-breed Data Centres for our clients, we can also provide the complete solutions that complement these in order to meet all of their security requirements.

This enables our clients to exploit all the benefits of today’s applications while providing in-depth defence against intricate malware attacks, loss of data and misuse of company services.

Best-of-Breed Security Solutions

Our Data Centre security solutions are designed to reducing policy management by 80%, to help security policy enforcement and deliver visibility at a virtual machine level.

They maximise network performance with up to eight times’ performance gains over competitive firewalls, and they leverage pervasive protection that safeguards against evolving threats, blocking these before they disrupt services through security intelligence operations.

We also partner only with sector-leading vendors such as Cisco, independently recognised recently to be the top Data Centre security solution supplier, using validated designs in order facilitate deployment.

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