Secure your business from today's sophisticated attacks

An Evolving Threat Needs an Evolved Defense

Have you protected your business from a DDoS attack?

DDoS threats are evolving fast. As attacks continue to grow in complexity and size, and span multiple vectors, organizations need to strengthen their defenses.

The consequences of DDoS attacks are significant for any business that can result in significant downtime, revenue loss, and a subsequent loss of customers. 

Today’s DDoS attacks broadly fall into three categories: volumetric, network, or application layer. To defend against each one, you need a hybrid solution that provides a layered defense.

Understand the widening threat landscape: Take a look at our DDoS Mythbuster

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Preventing DDoS attacks with Axonex

Axonex in partnership with F5 can help you:

  • Protect your business against multi-vector and volumetric attacks
  • Stay online during a DDoS attack
  • Gain real-time attack mitigation insights
  • Combined on-premise and cloud solutions to stop all attacks - drive efficiencies with a hybrid DDoS solution
  • Solutions can be architected to independently scale of one another

Each business has a different infrastructure that requires an individual defense solution. Axonex take the time to work with each client to understand their threat landscape, and advise on the optimal solution. This process spans from auditing the system through to implementation and the ongoing management and support of any threats you encounter. 

Learn how to defend against a DDoS attack: Download the Whitepaper 'The Right Way to Defend Against DDoS attacks'

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