Email and Web

Scalable email and Web security solutions that keep threats at bay

Ultra-Robust Web Security

The proliferation of today’s BYOD working culture, along with the growing trend of employees spending increasing amounts of time accessing external services, mean that it’s now more vital than ever to ensure that viruses and malware are kept strictly at bay, and that any intrusions and infections are detected and neutralised as quickly as possible.

Cisco’s Web Security simplifies this process. Powered by Cisco Security Intelligence Operations (SIO), with its unique Global Data Centre footprint, allows for real-time assessments to be carried out on all Web content. Straightforward to implement, highly scalable and it protects users wherever they operate.

Industry-Leading eMail Security

The email security solutions that Axonex deploy help businesses to protect incoming and outgoing email with best-in-breed on-box technologies to ensure this critical communication is not compromised.

Cisco Cloud Email Security provides unparalleled protection and control of any organisation’s email, and offers the cost-effective convenience of a Cloud deployment model.

Benefits of Axonex’s Security Solutions

Our solutions give our clients proactive security, application visibility and control for all users.

Other key benefits provided by our email and Web security deployments include:

  • The ability to extend real-time protection and policy enforcement to remote employees
  • Unrivalled deployment flexibility through the Cloud, appliances or virtualised environments in order to meet the specific requirements of individual businesses and their networks
  • The peace of mind that results from Cisco’s Gartner Magic Quadrant leader recognition
  • The opportunity to reduce IT complexity by integrating with existing Cisco investments

Axonex Expertise

At Axonex, our specialist team has the core technical expertise to assist our clients with their email and Web security initiatives at all stages of the deployment process – from design, to implementation and ongoing support.

As a Cisco partner with multiple Advanced Technology specialisations, we’re also proud to have achieved Cisco’s Channel Partner Customer Satisfaction Excellence gold star award for the last five years.

To discuss your specific requirements contact us. Tel: 01242 535700 or email