Intrusion Prevention

Smart intrusion prevention solutions to meet the challenges emanating from the changing security landscape

Flexible Intrusion Prevention Solutions

Intrusion prevention is becoming an increasingly business-critical security challenge, at a time when organisations demand greater operational efficiency and IT budgets are often being squeezed.

New application vulnerabilities are being discovered by IT departments on a daily basis. The BYOD working culture is broadening the attack surface, and increasingly insidious malware may be lurking on the network already.

Axonex provide flexible intrusion prevention solutions that can meet these challenges, whether through dedicated appliances or through services integrated within client network or security devices.

Future-Proofing with Sourcefire

We partner with Cisco’s Gartner Magic Quadrant-leading Sourcefire, as it offers unparalleled scalability, from SMEs to large enterprises. After all, a one-size-fits-all approach to cyber security and compliance across all organisations just wouldn’t work.

Sourcefire has helped its users solve disparate intrusion problems across a myriad of industries, which has provided it with a unique insight into the specific challenges different sectors face. Its smart product design also enables users to stay within the ever-shifting compliance targets applied to different industries.

A key benefit of Sourcefire is its ability to provide insight and defined automatic action during the attack continuum itself, ensuring full visibility at the beginning of, during and at the end of any hostile activity. This helps our clients automatically adapt their intrusion prevention provision on the back of attack patterns, wherever required.

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