Application performance & Journey to the Cloud

Time: Tuesday, June 10th, 10:00am – 11:30am

Location: Webinar (Register below for Webex calendar invitation)

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Neil Trevains, Cisco, joins us to discuss transforming the Business to get the best from Cloud.

The cloud is a service delivery model, not a place. The characteristics of the cloud can be applied just as effectively in a traditional bricks and mortar data center as they can in a hyperscaler. Technology is only one piece of the puzzle – people, process, culture all need to be transformed. However, Technology is a foundational element that enables organisations to transform their IT function into one that is agile and adaptive.

The question is not how quickly organisations should adopt the cloud, but what is the most effective execution environment for a particular set of applications. Once that choice has been made, how does the IT function utilise the chosen execution environment?

In this webinar we’ll demonstrate how a combination of analytics, automation, and API-driven hardware not only provide the empirical evidence to make the correct execution venue choice but allow an organisation to take advantage of that venue, and how to secure that environment.

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