Cisco enterprise grade security on Apple devices.

Organisations are consistently looking for ways to use mobility to transform the way they operate and sell. Doctors no longer carry around clipboards, instead, they carry iPads so they can update patient’s information anywhere, custom iPhone apps allow manufacturers to increase their productivity, and sales reps use their iPads to update their managers when a new deal has been signed off. While the benefits of mobility are well documented, from cost savings to competitive advantages it has also provided organisations with a range of operational IT challenges. Challenges surrounding network visibility and performance, collaboration and security.

The Cisco Apple Partnership

In 2015 Cisco announced a partnership with Apple in a move to improve network performance and collaboration. Now they are making moves to bring enterprise-level security and visibility to iOS, with the Cisco Security Connector App for iPhone and iPad, offering organisations fine-grained visibility into network access on enterprise-supervised iOS devices. iOS is well known for being secure, with even the FBI having to hire an outside specialist to unlock a device. But when employees are bringing their own devices to work or being provided with iPhones and iPads, organisations do require an increased level of visibility and control.

Apple has an incredibly high install base with over 700 million active iPhone users worldwide, and organisations have always experienced challenges whilst trying to integrate security onto Apple devices due to the unique software and security developed by Apple. So the announcement of the Cisco Security Connector will come as a relief for many. Bringing benefits such as;

  • Maximising security where you need it most – by applying security functions like firewalls and IPS anywhere in the network, including remote branches.
  • Secures application traffic – securely delivers critical business applications like unified comms to remote locations
  • Saves time and money – reduces the total number of devices within your network, decreases ongoing support power and manageability costs

Apple devices are mainly used for endpoints and the Cisco Security Connector extends the security capabilities of Cisco Umbrella and AMP onto Apple Devices, increasing compliance and protection for your end users. Developing a safe and secure network means integrating security into the foundation of that network and this technology encompasses this. The app gives you a comprehensive, layered security approach throughout your network infrastructure.

With the growth of organisational mobility, one of the biggest challenges businesses face today is security. With more users connecting to the network remotely, using more devices and more apps, meaning data traffic is often bypassing the network perimeter. Cisco Umbrella creates the first line of defence against the threats of the internet regardless of where your users are, and we recommend you learn more.

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