Cisco Webex Services – a shift in collaboration

Written by Les Ellery

Businesses are now defining the performance of technology by its ability to deliver a seamless user experience. Yet collaboration solutions have always been the most tangible for end users, from the physical desk phone, through to video.  And as we stretch that communication across different devices, on and off the network, and change the way that we connect and use those devices that user experience is now more important and visible to those end users as ever. Collaboration solutions need to be simple, flexible, put video first, and give a quality experience

That’s why we’re seeing increases in the deployment of software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings that help you improve business communication, work from where you are, and on the device you choose to use and get things done.

Enter webex teams

With Webex Teams, remain the four Webex Key Services – Meetings, Events, Training, and Support.  In recent times, Webex Meetings (best known as the industry standard for audio, web, and video meetings) has undergone enormous development, continuing to enhance the experience by simplifying the controls, becoming video first, modernising the interface, being able to connect across any device, ease of joining (one button to press) and being able to connect directly within the Chrome browser.

With Axonex you can try Webex Teams and any of the Webex services for free. We’ve seen a real surge in customers adopting the trial due its simplicity to setup and start consuming the services, enabling a valuable proposition to aid business enablement and proof of value. There’s no hardware to deploy, so we can set this up remotely for you. It’s a 90-day trial with a company specific Webex site URL.

For a no hassle and free trial, contact Axonex today and let us help you to start communicating more effectively. We also offer a range of Video endpoints for you to use in the trial, adding further value to the trials capabilities. We’re here to assist with adoption and advise as part of the trial.

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