Creating the Future Workspace

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Andy Williams, UK & Ireland Collaboration Lead for Cisco, joins us to discuss how businesses can create the future workspace with Cisco Webex.

Does your Collaboration strategy balance the required changes in technology, workplace trends, with your users motivations and abilities? Even with today’s incredible technology, businesses find their collaboration doesn’t measure up to what it could be.

Workplaces are expanding faster than ever, powered by mobile and cloud usage that makes virtual meetings essential. With scalable and secure voice, video, and content sharing, real-time collaboration can happen anywhere. Staying connected can lead to improved productivity and faster decision-making, as well as better customer service. But only if the technology offers a secure, seamless experience and is intuitive enough to drive user adoption.

We get to grips with how the latest Webex technology brings together automation, people insights, and Artificial Intelligence, all through a single application experience that  helps to you build the workspace of the future, whether that’s cloud, or on-premise.

Who should join this webinar?

Business leaders and IT Professionals looking to leverage Collaboration tools to enhance communication and drive efficiencies through the organisation.