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Managed services. Always ahead

Whether it’s utilising our powerful network operations centre, managing your data environments in the cloud or protecting your business with our cyber security operations centre, we’ll keep you ahead of the competition and achieving your business goals.

What we deliver

Give the responsibility of managing and maintaining your IT environments to the industry’s highest-accredited technical experts . Our customers are reassured that all critical operational tasks are safe with our expert service consultants, allowing you to save significant expenditure, increase efficiency, and drive innovation.

  • Extensive Expertise at your fingertips 24x7x365 days of the year.
  • Always-on monitoring systems delivering a 360° visibility of your infrastructure.
  • Trusted Technical Advisory focused on Proactive Planning and technology road-mapping.
  • Guaranteed SLAs that ensure continuity of service.
  • Remove the cost and headache of support team resourcing, training and retention.
  • Lifecycle management
  • Peace of mind assured, allowing your workforce to innovate and improve IT delivery to the business.


Cyber Security Managed Services

Manned by our specialist Sec Ops team, Axonex’s dedicated security operations centre is ready to manage and develop your cybersecurity capabilities, plan your ongoing strategy and maintain compliance. Get accelerated detection, automation and response from the desktop to the cloud with threat management, vulnerability management, incident response and proactive monitoring. As online threats grow more sophisticated, Axonex’s dynamic cyber security solutions work in harmony to keep your business users, data and assets protected.

Cyber Security Managed Services

Network Managed Services

Our Enterprise Network Managed Services take the work out of your Network. Let Axonex pro-actively monitor, maintain and manage your LAN, WLAN, and Secure Remote Access. Our highly certified in-house service team keeps your infrastructure connected, healthy and secure with our multiple monitoring feeds delivering the visibility needed to provide assurance and optimal performance of your critical applications.

Managed Services Network

Cloud and Data Centre Managed Services

Applications and insight are king, but when managing the infrastructure that supports them is a challenge you don’t have the time or expertise for, turn to Axonex. Our data center managed IT services provide environment management, provisioning and workflow policy driven controls that can leverage your existing investment, whether on premise, in the cloud or a truly optimised hybrid platform making sure your organisation is tuned for optimal efficiency.

Managed Services Data Centre

Collaboration Managed Services

Every successful business runs on tight communication, and Axonex’s collaboration services are designed to remove geographical barriers and unify your company’s audio, video, desktop and mobile comms. We offer both cloud and on-premise fully managed collaboration services, and provide business intelligence that includes call cost management, analytics, performance and adoption of Unified Communication within the organisation. The result: increased reachability, context and control across your business allowing your people to collaborate together from anywhere on any device.

Managed Services Collaboration

Connectivity Managed Services

As digitisation advances into every industry, your business will rely on countless devices that all are dependent on secure, stable and high-speed connectivity. Make the smart move and enlist Axonex’s Connectivity Managed Services for all your private and public cloud needs. With connection and carrier flexibility to suit all your circumstances, we’ll design, manage and maintain your ideal connectivity solution, ensuring it’s futureproofed to grow with your business.

Connectivity Managed Services