Meet our Dynamic Team

Meet the dynamic Cheltenham IT team who create Axonex’s next-level IT solutions and professional services. Since 2005, we’ve recruited the best people – from raw talent to IT industry heavyweights – who share our core values for IT services and customer support that is second-to-none.

Meet the team

  • Andrew Peters-Smith

    Managing Director

  • Tom Bane

    Technical Director

  • William Brooks

    IT Services Director

  • Lynn Mumford

    Service Delivery Manager

  • Matt Dunn

    Account Director

  • Neil Vaughan

    Account Director

  • Roberto Savage

    Account Director

  • Nathan Davies

    Account Director

  • Richard Cohen

    Marketing Manager

  • Les Ellery

    Collaboration Pre-Sales

  • Timothy Sharples

    Cyber-Security Pre-Sales

  • Russ Carter

    Security and Enterprise Network Pre-Sales