Service Desk: The Backbone of Customer Satisfaction

Written by William Brooks

One of the biggest focuses of a company’s Service Desk is ensuring that your customers are consistently delighted. Easy to say in principle but harder in practice!
An obvious way is to ensure you provide great service management, but how? ITIL processes must be a factor however choosing which ones that a small/medium sized business should deploy is another head-scratcher. Here at Axonex we pride ourselves on being agile with fleet of foot ensuring our customers get to market fast so any processes deployed must be flexible and be aimed purely on delivering a business/customer outcome.

My experience working within Service Management in one of Europe’s largest banks while achieving ISO20000 accreditation had its challenges but, because of the size of the IT department, implementing new or changed processes and realigning structures to support them was relatively straight forward. However, when you have a small/medium business where IT staff are at a premium, implementing the whole raft of ITIL processes is not always possible or even required.

So how do you decide which service management processes are mandatory for your company to ensure you have elated customers? Well, the strange thing is that the first thing you must do is not implement a process but instead you should take a long hard look at your  Helpdesk/Servicedesk. Here at Axonex the experience the customer has with our Service Desk is of paramount importance however, generally across the industry, these staff are often seen as bottom of the rung within IT. In spite of this, these unsung heroes are arguably your most important IT staff after all, many customers will never see or hear from tier 2/3 engineers; they will only ever interact with the Service Desk.

To summarise, my advice on the first job on the road to having delighted customers is to take a good look at your ServiceDesk: ensure you have the right personnel with the right ‘people’ skills and you are constantly looking at how to improve the customer experience. Seek out customer feedback at every opportunity, whether at customer service review meetings or regular customer surveys. We do both at Axonex: ensuring we have delighted customers both in the UK and across Europe. Only once you have done these things can you focus on which ITIL process you need to implement.

Personally I consider Incident, Problem, Change and Continual Service Improvement as the key processes for small and medium size business’s in addition to a Service Owner.