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With 100% client satisfaction ratings and a collection of customer service awards under our belts since 2005, we deliver an unmatched customer experience, 24x7x365

Our customer success framework

Axonex Customer Success begins by gaining insights into our customer experience and helping our customers achieve the required business outcomes through consistent, process-driven engagements, along with real-time data, analytics and automation. Our VALUE framework allows Axonex to constantly monitor adoption to ensure a positive customer journey.

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  • Goal driven IT

    Our engaging approach is based on understanding your business goals, and the services that we deliver  are 100% focused on getting you there.

  • Pushing the boundaries of IT

    With over 300 sales, technical and vendor accreditations, we pride ourselves on pushing the boundaries of what IT can achieve.

  • In house NOC and SOC

    Our in house consultants and engineers are focused on service excellence and first contact resolution, and are available 24x7x365

  • Cutting edge technology

    Axonex consultants and engineers are heavily accredited in CyberSecurity, Data Center, Networking, Collaboration and Connectivity.

Digital transformation

We help you understand what Digital Transformation is, and why your business needs to act. In a digital world, organisations are using technology to define new opportunities and strategic business models, and while consumers of technology expect a seamless user experience, organisations need the ability to react quickly to change.

Whether it’s accelerating your journey to the Cloud, supporting IoT initiatives, or analyzing and utlising big data, our experienced team work with you to build and execute a digital strategy for an agile, secure, and customer focused organisation.

Proven results

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    Incidents resolved at contact

Axonex handled it with great efficiency and professionalism, not only adapting to our needs but in many cases, pre-empting them based on their deep understanding of our infrastructure strategy, and suggesting alternative/better ways of achieving the desired outcomes'

Accreditations that matter

  • ISO 20000
  • IS0 9001
  • ITIL
  • ISO 27001
  • Cisco Gold Partner (updated)