Managed IT Services with Axonex

Consultancy & assessments

Define your transformational IT strategy

  • Infrastructure assessments

    To define your transformational IT strategy, you must first understand where you currently are, and where your business wants to be. Our advanced range of cyber-security, data center, cloud, and strategic modular assessments analyse your current infrastructure and capabilities.

  • Technology Roadmaps

    We help you embrace the relevant strategies, processes, and technology to define a transformational IT strategy that is 100% focused on achieving your business outcomes.


  • Customer success management

    Axonex Customer Success begins by gaining insights into our customer experience and helping our customers achieve the required business outcomes through consistent, process-driven engagements, along with real-time data, analytics and automation. Our VALUE framework provides a defined process to quickly identify where customers may have adoption barriers, while allowing Axonex to constantly monitor adoption to ensure a positive customer journey.


  • Digital Transformation

    Whether it’s accelerating your journey to the Cloud, supporting IoT initiatives, or analysing and utlising big data, our experienced team work with you to build and execute a digital strategy for an agile, secure, and customer focused organisation.


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Build your vision

Axonex offer a range of technology and strategic consulting services, and our knowledgeable experts help formulate and deliver your organisation’s IT strategy to deliver projects on time, on budget, and with minimal disruption

Whether you require assistance for a specific IT project, strategic IT planning, aligning your technology to the business IT goals or re-invigorating your infrastructure to meet changing business demand, Axonex’s managed IT services will provide the consultative and pre-sales approach to successfully meet your requirements.