Managed IT Services

Always available to manage the users, infrastructure, and processes at the heart of your organisation.

  • Peace of Mind

    Your business never switches off, and nor do we. At Axonex, we increase operational efficiency by taking overall responsibility for managing your infrastructure and processes 24x7x365, so you can focus on delivering innovation back into the business.

  • Reduce complexity & increase visibility

    Managing technology silos can be complex and costly. Axonex View ©️ provides a single view of your total engagement offering a secure customer portal bespoke to your service consumption needs – so while we manage and maintain, you always have the visibility.

  • Optimise infrastructure performance

    Our industry leading in-house NOC and SOC optimise performance from the application down to the infrastructure, offering a modular approach of Cyber Security, Data Centre, Collaboration, and Networking managed services.

  • Customer Success Management

    Axonex Customer Success begins by gaining insights into our customer experience and helping our customers achieve the required business outcomes through consistent, process-driven engagements, along with real-time data, analytics and automation. Our VALUE framework allows Axonex to constantly monitor adoption to ensure a positive customer journey.

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Goal driven IT

Built for customer success, Axonex managed services work with your senior management and business leaders to take overall service availability and responsibility for your infrastructure, and to achieve the desired business outcomes.

We provide instant access to cutting edge technology, enterprise grade management tools, and a vast resource of commercial experience and expertise that are always available to support your business. Our managed IT services take on the day to day operations of your IT infrastructure, releasing you to focus on innovation and achieve your strategic goals.

Axonex Managed and Support Services

Cyber Security

Manned by our specialist Sec Ops team, Axonex’s dedicated security operations centre is ready to manage and develop your cybersecurity capabilities, plan your ongoing strategy and maintain compliance.

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Enterprise Networking

Our Enterprise Network Managed Services take the work out of your Network. Let Axonex pro-actively monitor, maintain and manage your LAN, WLAN, and Secure Remote Access.

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Cloud and Data Centre

Applications and insight are king, but when managing the infrastructure that supports them is a challenge you don’t have the time or expertise for, turn to Axonex.

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Every successful business runs on tight communication, and Axonex’s collaboration services are designed to remove geographical barriers and unify your company’s audio, video, desktop and mobile comms.

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Connectivity Managed Services

As digitisation advances into every industry, your business will rely on countless devices that all are dependent on secure, stable and high-speed connectivity.

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