Cyber Security Managed Services

Pro-Active Monitoring

Resolve issues before they happen, not after

We’ll proactively monitor the availability, performance, and health of your infrastructure to resolve potential issues, optimise performance, and maxmise uptime.

  • Pro-active, not re-active

    Gain the peace of mind knowing that your systems and applications, whether on-premise, hosted or cloud-based, are proactively monitored and optimised by our in house NOC and SOC engineers and consultants.

  • Better performing IT

    We utilise cutting edge automation services tools to provide real time analytics on the vital business performance criteria across a broad range of technologies, including cyber-security, data centre, cloud, networking, and collaboration.

  • Enhance staff productivity

    Enhance the experience of your end users with highly available, better performing IT services and expert support, and give them the tools they need to focus on delivering performance and innovation back into the business.

  • Customer success

    Axonex Customer Success begins by gaining insights into our customer experience and helping our customers achieve the required business outcomes through consistent, process-driven engagements, along with real-time data, analytics and automation.

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Optimise your infrastructure

With Axonex pro-active monitoring and analytics, you get the benefits of our leading managed IT services, with proactive monitoring of your IT infrastructure. Our experienced consultants utilise a range of enterprise tools and automation, as well as unparallel expertise across all supported technologies to maintain the vital business performance that is critical to achieving your business goals.

Axonex Managed and Support Services