Spark Board launched by Cisco

The Global meeting room

Cisco recently launched the new Spark Board, but what makes the Spark Board such a next generation step for collaboration technology? Cisco alone have a number of successful technologies already successfully embedded in the market.

The answer is quality. Quality of the communication, and quality of the experience. Geographical barriers still exist and no collaboration technology yet has quite been able to better a face to face meeting – and the Spark board goes a long way to doing just that.

What is the Cisco Spark Board?

  • All in one collaboration device for meeting rooms.
  • Combines wireless presentation, digital white boarding, and video conferencing.
  • Fully cloud and touch based design.
  • Resides in physical meeting room but is connected to the Cisco Spark service to facilitate continuous workflow before the meeting starts and even after everyone has left the physical room.
  • Through the Cisco Spark app, team members both in the physical conference room and attending remotely can meet, message, call, and, now, white board from anywhere through their Cisco Spark app-enabled device.

Key Capabilities

  • Wireless presentation: Share your presentation, locally in the room or remotely.
  • Digital whiteboard: Easily white board with the Cisco Spark Pen or your finger.
  • Audio/video conferencing system: Make high-definition video or high-fidelity audio calls.
  • Continuous workflow: Connect the Cisco Spark Board to a virtual Cisco Spark space and your whiteboard creations and other shared documents will live there persistently and securely.

Core features

  • Multi-touch 55 inch-LED display
  • Powerful 4k camera captures a high resolution, wide angle image.
  • 12 microphone array automatically modulates speaker voices and reduces background noise.
  • Intelligent proximity automatically detects a Cisco Spark app-enabled user in the room.

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