A free programme of IT events, webinars, resources and workshops to help you charge ahead

To lead your field as a business, you have to innovate – before your competition does. The trouble is, new technologies are emerging all the time and the day-to-day running of your IT operations never stops.

How do you keep on-top of this digital transformation? How do you upskill your team so they can leverage new developments to improve the business’s performance?

Our Supercharged Programme is the answer.

It’s a powerful, free 5-stage programme of highly-focused training, resources and events precisely designed to boost the skills and knowledge of your entire IT team. A journey, engineered to ensure your business can push technological boundaries and win the race for the competitive advantage.

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Engineered to empower every member of your team

  • Split into 5 stages, delivered until July

    Supercharge your Cyber-Security, Data Center, Networks, Communications, and Connectivity
  • Get the inside track on digitisation

    Define a new way of working to leave the competition standing
  • Led by world-class industry experts

    Direct access to the leading vendors and the Axonex team
  • Exclusive in-depth technical workshops

    So engineers can dive deeper into key issues

A 5-staged course to supercharge your business

Supercharged IT programme
  • Supercharged Cyber-Security

    Smarter Cyber-Security that never switches off

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  • Supercharged Collaboration

    Let your teams communicate effortlessly

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  • Supercharged Networking

    Adapt quickly and adopt new technoloiges at pace

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  • Supercharged Data Center

    Put application performance at the heart of your business

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  • Supercharged Connectivity

    Accelerate business with the power of SD-WAN

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Since 2005, we’ve been helping businesses take charge of their IT and drive forward. Companies trust us because we’ve the best technology and the specialist expertise to ensure business goals are met. So much so that our customers always come back for more: we’re proud winners of customer service awards, and we’ve a 98% customer satisfaction rate. Ready to take us for a spin?

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