Threat Hunting Workshop

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Event overview

In the heat of a crisis, every keystroke counts and indecision could cost your organisation millions.  What separates security pros from security liabilities?  A plan – and practice.  Join Axonex, alongside Cisco’s Advanced Threat Solutions Team for this hands-on Threat Hunting Workshop to develop your skills and test your abilities.

In this half-day workshop, you will uncover best practices for threat hunting, learn how to incorporate threat hunting into your daily workflow, network with your peers to share strategies and techniques, and execute four real-world lab scenarios:

  1. Hunt and Contain

A new threat is making headlines and your executives want complete answers fast.  You need to know if it is inside your organization and how to contain it.

  1. Catch the Phish

You have evidence that a remote user was phished.  Follow the attack from entry to execution.

  1. Event Overload

Hundreds of events are clamoring for your attention, but you have a plan to prioritize and execute a response.

  1. Screenshot Holds the Clue

There’s not much to go on – just a single screenshot – but that’s all you need to trace the attack back to the entry point

Important: Bring your laptop!


Who should join this workshop?

This is a technical workshop for IT professionals within Cyber-Security looking to learn new Threat Hunting skills.

Led by

Timothy Sharples, Cyber-Security Consultant, Axonex

Cisco Cloud Security Team