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Users and applications have adopted the cloud, and security must too.

Enter Cisco Umbrella, providing the first line of defense against threats by protecting users on the internet wherever they go. Situated in the cloud, Umbrella delivers complete visibility into internet activity across all locations, devices, and users, and proactively blocks requests to malicious destinations before a connection is even established.

See how this global business used Cisco Umbrella to analyse over 230 million web queries in a single month.

Security at the DNS layer

Cisco Umbrella positions itself perfectly by securing one of the fundamental building blocks of network communications – The Domain Name System (DNS). Almost all communications over the Internet, require a DNS lookup. By securing at the DNS layer, Umbrella can accurately secure almost all network communications both on and off the corporate network.

Cisco Umbrella analyses massive volumes of data and internet activity from millions of DNS requests every day, detecting threat patterns and attacker infrastructure. By doing this, Umbrella, stops phishing and malware infections earlier, identifies already infected devices faster, and prevents data exfiltration.

Start your 21 day Free Trial of Cisco Umbrella

As a Cisco Gold Partner, Axonex can help you set up a Proof of Value (POV) exercise with a 21-day free trial of Umbrella. Because Cisco Umbrella is a cloud security platform, it is easy to trial within your own environment:

  • Get started with your Cisco Umbrella trial in seconds (no hardware required)
  • Work with our team to define and test success criteria specific to your security needs.
  • Instantly view internet activity across every network and devices
  • Take advantage of granular security reporting to better understand the attacks that threaten your organisation, and receive a detailed post trial analysis and report.
  • Leverage Umbrella’s global threat intelligence, block malware, phishing, and access predictive threat intelligence to uncover attacks before they launch.
  • Integrate easily into your existing security stack

Are you an existing Meraki customer?

As a Meraki Wireless customer, you can now integrate Cisco Umbrella across your network. This integration allows networking and security administrators to conveniently enable Umbrella policies directly within the Meraki dashboard. Find out more here.

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