Using Cisco’s new Enterprise License Agreement to build a secure platform for the next 5 years.

Taking a step back, what is an ELA?

Cisco recently announced the availability of a new enterprise-wide software product and services agreement. Why? The road to digitisation is paved with software, yet many organisations are required to manage multiple and complex licensing models across different vendors and products. Effectively a consumption model, the EA aims to simplify this process by bringing all software under a single ‘all you can eat’ licensing agreement, available to cover Cisco’s ONE Software, collaboration, and security software suites over 3 or 5 years.

Is it a fit for my business?

As the name suggests the EA is geared towards Enterprise organisations looking for a multi-year investment. It is particularly suitable for organisations with solid growth plans across multiple geographies. In fact, Cisco accommodate a 20% growth buffer without charging for additional licensing. Another bonus is the elimination of the un-popular ‘true up’ retroactive billing used by other vendors, replaced by Cisco’s ‘True Forward’ billing that revises the contract from the start of the next billing period.

With access to the full software suite organisations can scale the required technology uniformly across all sites and users – at a global level. This allows a centralised security policy to be deployed consistently across all locations, with the flexibility to include future sites and users under the same agreement. Furthermore, the removal of all third-party products can lead to a significant cost reduction and simplified management.

Whether the ELA is right for you depends on a number of factors. There comes a point when the economy of scale gained from the EA vs. the pricing of single ‘a la carte’ licenses will start to make sense. With a portfolio of technologies available under an EA, customer adoption and full integration is critical. With an in house 24/7 Managed Security Operations Centre Axonex offer the highest level of support, we’ll provide you with a Lifecycle Advisor and Success Manager to deliver the best output and financial return on investment.

If you’d like to learn more about the ELA, our highly qualified team of consultants and engineers can work with you provide more information.